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Name: Hareen

Country of Origin:

My name is Haroon Ebrahimi. I’m 26 years old from Afghanistan. As everyone knows, Afghanistan is a war-born country.  It’s burning in fire of war. A war which started many decades ago. Afghanistan has a 5000 year history. It has been invaded by many powerful countries many times in the history. That’s why it’s fall behind and turned into the nest of terrorists. It’s a chaotic country and has a centralized strong government in past several decades.  People are kept away of knowledge so they get misdirected easily by terrorist supported countries.

When I was 5 – 6 years old I have witnessed USA attack on Taliban government.  I merely can remember B52 planes flying in the sky of Afghanistan and dropping bombs that would shake the ground kilometres away of the bombarded place.  So they defeat Taliban and took control of the country.

The new government called Republic of Afghanistan came to existence.  My family, me and all people were happy.  We thought we are free and we would have a safe and sound life.  We were thankful of the United Nation.  NATO and USA helped us and made us free from the control of a sadistic and merciless government.  Women got out of bourkas and had the rights to get educated and work.  Boys were happy because they could play music in the car and were not getting forced to let their beards or wear long clothes.  It was a nice feeling. There was funding for rural people, they were building schools, roads and so on.  It was a very short dream.

The nightmare got started again. Taliban started their operations against Afghan public government and foreigner troops.  Their attacks included suicide attacks, face to face attacks, planting explosive devices in the roads. That war last for 20 years. It took away lives of many thousands of civilians and wounded and disabled many thousands more. The casualties of the brutal war went beyond expectation.  It also took lives of 3612 of coalition forces. From this total number of deaths, 2452 belongs to US forces and 455 British troops. This war also injured more than 20.000 US soldiers.  We really appreciate the help and are sorry for their losses. This was a joint mission.  They helped us a lot, they did their best but unfortunately we got defended against Taliban.  There are many reasons why US lost this war but the major one is corruption inside the Republic of Afghanistan.  The ROA lost its peer support as the government key people and heads started corruption and focused on their pockets.  They preferred their own benefit on up on the national benefits.  They didn’t care about the country crimes and unemployment rate that reached the upper level.  The only job you could find was to become a member of army which clearly would ended up with death.

On the other side, the anti-government forces were very unified and dedicated. They had one goal, to take back what they had lost back in 2001.  They were working from bottom of heart toward their goal and finally they did not.  From my point of view, the war in Afghanistan is economical war.  The countries which have their benefits in Afghanistan war try to keep it up.  They encourage out people to stand against the forces and support terrorists.  They tell them to fight so if they die they will go to heaven.  Because they think being fundamentalist is real Islam.  That’s why I think the only way to end up this war is just to get our people educated so they can understand what is right and what is wrong. That’s not easy while VIV make schools and terrorists destroy them.  Whatever, we suffered and we still suffer.

I have gone to death many times but luckily God saved me. Just one day before I came to Cyprus, an explosion happened very near to me, that the waves of explosion scrolled me on the ground. There are so many things to write, but I will shortly note that finally war is end and Terrorist took the country.  My country is burning, every single woman, child and man is sad and cry.  People left in Afghanistan think these who flee the country are the luckiest people in the world but they don’t know about our condition.  It is a beautiful country with nice people, we accept but how can I stay happy while my future is unknown.  I don’t have the right to work, I can’t even provide my basic needs (food, water, shelter).  I eat bread one time in a day. I live with a fear that one day this government will send me back to Afghanistan, to the hell on the earth.  I am about to become a psycho.  I overthink and I know this overthinking will kill me.

There is not only one terrorist group in Afghanistan that threaten our lives.  Everyone knows about ISIS attack in Kabul airport that killed almost 200 Afghan civilians and 12 US marines. Previously, Taliban were killing us and now ISIS came to the scene and it means our people will remain victims of this complicated war for years and maybe centuries. So as a human being, European people should show a lot of mercy to us.  I thought if I flew my country and ask for asylum in Cyprus I’m gonna have a better life.  To be honest I expected a lot from these people but got nothing.

I ask UNHCR and Cyprus government to give us a hope towards a good future.  Provide us work, opportunities, education and whatever a human being needs, but first of all, basic need is important that I can’t afford.

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