Stories Of Migrants

Name: EVAN

Country of Origin:

The truth is we are not wanted here especially if the color of your skin is black.

I came to Cyprus March 2019 after experiencing the effects of war in Cameroon

I left Cameroon as a professional footballer. On reaching Cyprus after a devastating effects of war having seen friends and relatives murdered, I thought I’ve finally found a peaceful place but I didn’t know there are greater wars than those fought with guns.

I’ve been to 2 clubs in Cyprus namely :- karmiotissa of Limassol and Omonia Arradippou of Larnaka. When i arrived Kamiotissa with the help of a good hearted Cypriot who had seen me play, i had been down for 1 year without touching a ball because Cyprus doesn’t allow asylum seekers to play.

I trained with the team for days and i was shocked i could play more than everyone though i needed to put my body back in shape… All i was told after that was “you are asylum, we need only people with European papers” they weren’t interested in my performance.  This Cypriot man who brought me to the team still trusted in me and took me to Omonia where i got there and on the first day, the coach didn’t like me. As a matter of fact, he drove me away not knowing i was brought there by the technical director but when i got home i received a call from the coach saying i should come which i did but i could tell he didnt want me but was acting upon instructions. This guy didn’t ask my position of play but simply deployed me to play as a center back because he was looking for every opportunity to send me away. We trained for days then had a preseason game against AEK Larnaka at the AEK Arena. He put his best players to play the first half and they were beaten 3-0. I was to come in with the second team which consists of academy players with no experience and i had to play as a defender… I had a wonderful game and controlled the players so well AEK couldnt find possibilities. When the match ended he told the technical director i had alot of experience and to ask me if I’ve ever played in the national team… I picked back my confidence and was optimistic and after 2 days while preparing for training i received a message from the director not to come again because they had taken a decision which stated I am asylum seeker and the laws don’t permit us to play so they took someone with European documents that’s before my lawyer had filed to the immigration which said should any team offer me a contract, they would remove me from asylum and give me permit to play.

Even the so-called jobs they told us we can do, when you apply they tell you they don’t need asylum seekers.

Cyprus need to change the way they see us. We do have something to contribute and we didn’t choose the wars…but they came upon us. 

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